Integration Services

Cut the time and costs required to create, deploy, and manage tailored applications

Our strategic partnerships with market-leading tech providers give us the opportunity to provide your organization with accessible, smart, tried & tested, innovative, as well as result-oriented integration services to satisfy your business demands.

The Integration Services offered by Roots-D can give your business a hand in creating IT architectures capable of achieving process integration between various applications in real time, and at the same time, support automated end-to-end business operations.

Our end-to-end solutions can be fully
customized to meet various business needs

We offer the following types of integration:

  • Architecture design & consulting
  • Development, migration & consolidation
  • Hosting, governance & management
  • Application maintenance
  • E2E open-source

We provide consulting, development and maintenance in:

  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Business process management
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Identity & access management
  • Customer relationship management

Perks & Benefits

  • Save time on solution development & implementation
  • Get higher profits from go-to-market offerings
  • Retain customers through process management
  • Adapt to tomorrow’s business needs
  • Efficiently use existing systems and employees
  • Cut operational costs by automating processes
  • Improve cash flow through order management & billing processes
  • Higher IT & business process productivity

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